Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate, and to those who don’t, Happy Thursday! 😉

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Who did this?

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Devin Townsend on Twitter

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Did Machine Head Steal a Riff from Strapping Young Lad? Robb Flynn and Devin Townsend Respond | MetalSucks

So, in case you missed it, MetalSucks.net did a great job of piecing it all together. It’s really a whole lot of nothing about nothing. 🙂 http://www.metalsucks.net/2017/11/17/did-machine-head-steal-a-riff-from-strapping-young-lad-robb-flynn-and-devin-townsend-respond/

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It was 8 years ago today that Devin dropped this album on our ears. Though it was meant as only a four album project, this album and tour are what solidified the DTP band we know today. “Addicted was a record that was made as a conscious effort to be absurdly positive, and even at the time, I was aware..

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