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Merch sale! Including signed albums (Z2 + Transcendence), ice scraper keyrings, crayons, gym wear… For all your needs!

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Smashing young lad (smash mouth/devin townsend mashup)

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February 11th marks the anniversary of not just one, but two releases from Strapping Young Lad; ‘City’ in 1997, and ‘Strapping Young Lad’ (aka ‘SYL’ ) in 2003! About ‘City’: “I was infatuated with the ugly nature and relative inconspicuousness of cities, and thought the quasi industrial wasteland of..

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Devin Townsend Interview Part 1: The Retinal Circus And Beyond

Ahhhhh The Retinal Circus… This mod’s hairs move in mysterious ways thinking back on all the team did to make that one happen. Plovdiv Live release is up next. Epic in its own right for sure. More on that one soon! Interview Pt1 Pt 2

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With all of the excitement around here, we almost forgot that Synchestra was released 12 years ago on January 31st, 2006! “This one was written in tandem with Alien, as almost a direct response. The original ideas for some of the songs are decades old. (I remember writing the midsection of ‘Triumph’..

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